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about oirc

Oslo International Rotary Club is an English speaking Rotary Club whose dynamic, mostly expat members represent many nations. Join us on our journey!

Oslo International Rotary club was established in 12.01.2012.
The club has currently over 30 dynamic members!

Our Vision

Every member of Rotary stands for high ethical standards and excellence in leadership. Being Oslo's only International Club, we promote these values among our expatriate and local members. United, under the principle Service above Self, we want to put the qualities of our diverse membership to service for the local and for the global community.

Bringing together people from all over the world, we promote mutual understanding across cultural lines. We want to see people share in Rotarian friendship despite possible differences their countries of origin may have elsewhere.

As a group, we are tolerant of each other. What we are looking for in our members are determination and high quality in their professional life. Members have to be willing to apply the following four questions to whatever they do:

Is it the TRUTH?

Is it FAIR to all concerned?


Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

want to come in contact with oirc? 

Send an email to us : 2310 <DOT> rk84254 <AT>

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Møtested: Oslo International House
Adresse: Oscars gate 27
Postnummer: 0352
Sted: Oslo
Land: NO
Møtedag: Onsdag
Møtetid: 18:30:00
Møtespråk: en
Møtedetaljer: We meet at the Oslo International House. Go to the back of the building and enter the door there and the meeting room is one floor down.

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