Welcome to the Oslo International Rotary Club!

Oslo International Rotary club (OIRC) is an English speaking membership Organization established on the 15th of February 2012. It aims at gathering Norwegians and Non-Norwegian nationals under the Rotary´s main objective - service - in the community, in the workplace, and around the globe.

  • General Discussion- November 15th

The meeting where committees will present their plans and accomplishments to date for the club members has had to be postponed due to the fact that many committee members are not available.

Instead we will have a meeting where we will discuss general topics. If you have a topic you wish to discuss please come along.

  • The OIRC Christmas Party - December 13th

  • Everyone is invited to OIRC's Christmas party.

    The tentative program for this event is as follows:

    18.30 meeting starts - Club Matters
    18.40 The story of Father Christmas in DRØBAK Norway
    19.10 Questions and Peppekaker
    19.30 Meeting ends. Happy Xmas. 11 days to go!.


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Møtested: Oslo International House
Adresse: Oscars gate 27
Postnummer: 0352
Sted: Oslo
Land: NO
Møtedag: Onsdag
Møtetid: 18:30:00
Møtespråk: English
Møtedetaljer: We meet at the Oslo International House.

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Christmas Party
13. des. 2017, 18.30

Everyone is invited to OIRC's Christmas party. ...

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