New thinking regarding treatment of Diabetes 2

7. februar 2018 kl. 18.30

Victoria Telle Hjellset, PhD, is working as researcher at the university in Ås, within the field of human health. Her PhD dissertation named "A culturally adapted lifestyle intervention with main focus on blood glucose regulation improved the risk profile for type 2 diabetes in Pakistani immigrant women" questions whether the focus on blood sugar regulation through diet and physical activity is enough to treat diabetes or whether the psycho-social health factors are more important than previously assumed.

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Møtested: Oslo International House
Adresse: Oscars gate 27
Postnummer: 0352
Sted: Oslo
Land: NO
Møtedag: Onsdag
Møtetid: 18:00:00
Møtespråk: en
Møtedetaljer: We meet at the Oslo International House. Go to the back of the building, enter the door at the far end on the right and the meeting room is one floor down.

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